Minimize your budget with new competitor comparison service of our tool

Awesome news from K-meta tool!
Our team has prepared a Special Christmas Update and launched a new opportunity to get even more keywords!
We are glad to present you - “Confront Domains”. It’s a competitors research by comparing their mutual or unique keywords from TOP 20 google.com for US.
With K-meta you can now easily get a list of keywords that your competitors are targeting in both Organic and Advertise search and choose the most successful of them to gain your profit!

Competitors Spying is super easy and damn quick now!

Keyword Research Tool k-meta

Just Enter Domains for competitors keywords research and Click Confront!
And that’s it!
We shall take care of your concerns so that you could view all competitors’ keywords data in both Organic and Advertise search: your competitors will be analyzed within seconds. Beat your competitors and boost your Visibility, Traffic and Rank!

Keyword Research Tool

Specific benefits of Competitors Research include:

  • You’ll get overall view of their strategy.

  • You’ll successfully pick up keywords which you might be missing.

  • You’ll find the keywords your competitors ad appeared on, but you didn't buy.

  • You’ll filter out your keywords based on a comparison of most successful competitors keywords.

  • you’ll generate huge, very huge keywords lists...

By using Positions Compare graph you’ll track competitors’ position changes and to now how many keywords are ranking and in what position. Spy on success or failure of your rival! The possibility to compare the dynamics of keywords positions for domains you are interested in on one page with the help of our chart! This will allow you to set priorities in planning budgets for the promotion campaigns.

Keywords Position Compare

How to use Confront Research best: You can easily get more accurate keywords data your competitors have, using our FILTERS, and boost strategies with ideal keywords metrics.
Filters Keyword Research Tool

Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and K-meta's team gives you a 50% subscription discount to inspire you on great deals with our research tool.
Keep an eye on our Mailing list for an exclusive promo code valid only this year!
Do you have any questions or comments? Then contact us!!

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2016-12-19 12:27:39

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