K-meta: Keyword Databases Update

We have refreshed our data and grew in volume up to 816 million keywords in 28 keyword databases!
Our team carefully collected them from almost all over the world so you would not miss any important search query!
All our databases contain only actual keywords, that is, we filter out obsolete and junk keywords (without parameters) for you to create only up-to-date content and profitable PPC campaigns.

In total 145 million new keywords have been added within the last 3 months, and we go on working!

The actual numbers are:

  • Czechia - 23.4 million keywords ( + 10.7 million keywords )

  • Israel - 23.6 million keywords ( + 10.9 million keywords)

  • Singapore - 27.0 million keywords ( + 14.9 million keywords)

  • Ukraine - 21.8 million keywords ( + 9.7 million keywords)

  • Denmark - 21.5 million keywords ( + 10.4 million keywords)

  • Norway - 20.7 million keywords ( + 9.6 million keywords)

  • Sweden - 30.4 million keywords ( + 19.3 million keywords)

  • Austria - 25.1 million keywords ( + 15.4 million keywords)

  • Brazil - 50.7 million keywords ( + 26.4 million keywords)

  • Russia - 35.0 million keywords ( + 22.2 million keywords)

Our keyword databases contain current information for semantic selection of keywords, creating keyword lists on a given topic and analyzing Google data.
Get the maximum coverage of your subject, search for the most popular words and brisk ideas for your niche with updated K-meta!

Here is a graph with growth percentage!

K-meta Keyword Database Growth Graph

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You may be interested to buy keyword databases with Average monthly searches more than 10 or full ones.
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2018-02-19 12:26:50

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