K-meta announces no time-limited sale! Keyword research databases almost for free!

We have special news that will please everyone!
databases sale title
We announce a huge no time-limited K-meta keyword database discount!
You can buy any database with Average monthly searches more than 10 for $149 and any full database for $199!

At the moment we have 36 databases which make up 1.3 billion keywords.
K-meta databases size changes in years

Total K-meta keyword databases size growth in years

Just take a look at this chart - it’s impressive!
all bases with fresh keywords

How we collect databases for you

Before our database gets onto the site, it undergoes a quality check: each keyword is thoroughly analyzed and only up-to-date ones with high search potential are picked up.
Every keyword is researched for:
  • Estimated Volume
  • CPC(Cost Per Click)
  • Competition
  • Average Monthly Searches
  • Search Volume Dynamics for 12 months

Quality check of databases

If all these metrics are absent keyword is considered as irrelevant and gets dismissed from the database.
Thus, only effective keywords, which have at least one parameter are selected.
After all the data is collected and analyzed, we filter out the duplicates.

You will receive comprehensive keyword information that will help you to create the perfect SEO campaigns and promote your business to the top with huge profits.
Excellent opportunity to be aware of entire ways of market development, analyze all spheres of life, understand the direction to future growth.

Keyword databases in use

With a complete keyword database, you can conduct an unlimited amount of research more efficiently than ever before.

Use it for:
  • keywords research
  • PPC campaign
  • find proven and profitable niche
  • create increase SEO campaign
  • determine the value of keywords
  • get long-tail keyword suggestions
  • explore semantic core
  • get tons of keyword variations
  • compare keywords for different indicators
  • choose high-quality keywords
Analyze search results, competitors and key phrases anywhere in the world! Even more opportunities for business development. Promote not only your projects, but also offer your services to corporate clients! keywords sample with all metrics
Sample a database before purchase

Check keywords quality with Phrase match K-meta tool.
Also you can use Keyword Tool For Amazon "Amazon Suggestions" for effective ecommerce solutions as SEO service for - Amazon Sellers!

What do you think about? Share your opinion!!
And thank you for being with us!

2019-06-27 12:48:11

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