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Where else to declare loudly of yourself and promote your services in a supersaturated Internet environment?
It is time to talk about YouTube, as it is a significant source​ of traffic and customers for your services/goods/website. It is the second largest search engine after Google with over 3 billion of searches per month.K-meta Youtube banner

How to promote on YouTube

Being a search engine YouTube has its own SEO gimmicks and knacks. SEO success at this website is defined by the number of views on videos and how many subscribers a channel has.
Creation a valuable video, which will gain lots of views, requires time and intellectual efforts. But these costs pay off.
A good video can be a great tool to advertise your services/goods, bring users to your site and become a topnotch source of conversions.
To surpass your contendants who already made their success in video marketing sphere, you should create convincing and striking content that will get ranked on YouTube, so that more potential customers could reach it. Make sure that users can easily find the video you created.

YouTube Keyword Research

As in general SEO, start your winning YouTube strategy with keyword research to help people interested in your products and services find your videos/website. And that's exactly what K-meta SE Suggestion Tool can help you with.

Keyword in YouTube search has nearly the same definition: it is a search term users enter into a search line.
Sometimes Google includes videos from YouTube in search results. There are main types of video keywords which urge video to be included in search engine results pages:
  • how-to keywords (“how to fix a broken fan”)

  • reviews (“iphone20 review”)

  • tutorials (“Instagram video uploads tutorial”)

  • funny or cute videos (“cute bears”)

  • fitness or sports related (“abs workout”)

Title, Description, Tags, Thumbnail

On uploading a new video content make sure to use selected keywords: in titles, in description, in tags, in thumbnail. Thus, video will get higher conversion rates and views by the targeted audience. And keep in mind, relevance is a key while you select keywords for YouTube video ideas: content of the video must be relevant to the query of people who may find your video using one of your selected keywords.YouTube tags and description input
  • The Title should include approximately 1–3 target keywords. It should be descriptive and relevant.
  • The Description may contain up to 5000 characters. How to see keywords? They are on the YouTube screen in two sections: one is immediately visible and the remainder is under a “show more” link (shows the rest of description). The first few visible lines should describe your video and contain most optimized YouTube keywords and tags. The remainder can have links to your channel and website for viewers to get more information about you.
  • Most outstanding YouTube SEO gimmick is video “Tags” that categorizes any video by keywords. Tagging allows stuffing your video with pertinent keywords to help it get more views. As the number of characters in tags and the number of tags is quite limited use only super relevant to your topic tags (from 10 to 15 will be enough). Don't be afraid to use long tail keywords as tags in videos as they are related to the root keyword and will aid YouTube to show your video for that particular search.

K-meta Search Suggestion Tool for Youtube

K-meta Keyword Suggestion Tool for YouTube helps you to find keywords that describe your services/goods/website and which users type to search on. It uses YouTube's autocomplete feature (search suggestions) to generate very closely related search queries for a particular topic.

Type in a relative search query in the search field and press Search button to get a variety of YouTube video ideas. In several seconds a plenty of fresh keyword ideas will be at your disposal to attract even more users.
In order to make the generated keywords more relevant, K-meta Tool allows you to select the country and language that you want to use for your video content. You can also sort out only Search Questions among found results.
K-meta Youtube Search Queries Suggestion
Keyword research includes such metrics as: search volume, CPC and competition stats, and is very important as only these numbers can help you to select your perfect YouTube keywords. If some of the keywords found by K-meta SE Suggestion Tool for YouTube appear to be without metrics — you can easily fix that using Update metrics option (press the magnifying glass as shown on the picture below) and in several minutes up-to-date metrics will be shown on the screen.
K-meta update metrics feature
A follow-up point to the above described is that keywords and tags in your content should be refreshed. After time passes search queries alter and your content with outdated tags and keywords becomes less searchable. Refreshing your tags and keywords with a keyword research tool is a good practice to keep your content appropriately searchable.

So, YouTube video promotion is not easy, but with good tools, regular efforts and practical skills you have palpable chances to achieve your aim. Use our YouTube Keyword Tool as one of them and the results will show out for sure!

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We are here to help, so please contact us if you have any questions!

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