Fresh K-meta updates

Greetings to all K-meta fans!
We would like to inform you of our latest updates and upgrades in Kbase tool - service for semantics selection and generation of huge keywords lists.

update keywords databases at k-meta

Now we have noticeably increased the capacity of our service which enables us to collect and update keywords databases and their metrics much faster and on a larger scale.
With these capacities we have updated and expanded the following databases by now:

  • Japan - after update contains 19,500,000 keywords; collected in May 2017

  • United States - after update contains 93 100 000 keywords; collected in May 2017

  • Canada - after update contains 57,800,000 keywords; collected in Apr 2017

  • Australia - after update contains 38,900,000 keywords; collected in Mar 2017

... full list of bases

By the way, you can express your proposals concerning which other databases you would like us to add to our tool.
We have also expanded the capabilities of our filters.
Now the limits for batch search are increased and you can check the metrics of keywords in our databases by large packages - up to 10,000, 30,000 or 50,000 keywords at a time (depending on kind of your subscription).
Besides, we have completely replaced the Average Monthly Searches ranges by the exact values all over the K-meta tool. And for those who are interested in even more accurate values ​​for Volume, we have collected the exact Impressions by Adwords for all keywords of the US database.
Keyword Research Tool k-meta

If you got any questions or comments - please let us know!

2017-06-01 13:29:48

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