10 + 1 Ways to Use Google Search Suggestion feature

Google keeps creating new tools and improves existing ones for greater convenience of its users. In order to get on top of search results, it is necessary to create readable and, most importantly, useful content, in which users are interested. In addition, you need to arrange properly the collected information - use right keywords and relevant topics. K-meta Google Autocomplete banner
You can achieve your goals with Google tools, namely Google Suggestion/Autocomplete. Here are some examples of how you can use its features to promote and improve the quality of your content.

1. To research the niche market
As far as Google Suggestion offers only popular queries (you can read more about this in our previous article), you can use it to explore current users' interests, concerns and see which aspects are important for them.
Google Suggestion is available for most of locations and different languages what makes it the perfect tool to examine local and worldwide Market Trends. Explore broad markets, focus on sub-categories or sub-niches in a few clicks.
It will be especially beneficial for those who develop their internet stores, looking for commercial keywords, discover niche keywords.
Combining Google Suggestion with Google Trend is a good way to find popular topics, upcoming niches and trending goods in different markets. Take a closer look at Google Autocomplete - it is a free goldmine to find profitable niche ideas.
Just enter a thematic keyword into K-meta SE Suggestion Tool and get numerous results to analyze users’ interests.

2. To maintain the reputation
Studying the reviews, gradual establishing of trust and reputation, working on brand recognition is a must when developing a large and serious business.
Type your brand name in a search form to find out what Suggestions are most often searched along with it. Pay attention not only to positive moments but try also to rectify negative ones, because Suggestions immediately indicate if something may be wrong with the company.
Google your own company’s name and the brands of your key products, if applicable, as a quick reputation check - and you’ll have reputation management on your hands!

3. To expand the semantic core
There are many methods and tools to collect the semantic core of a site. This is a very meticulous and painstaking work for TRUE professionals. Some of them may use keyword databases, others search for related queries and analyse the competitors' keywords - it’s all about gathering the maximum of data for analysis.
If you’ve already collected your semantic core and are looking for helpful additions to expand it - complement it using Google Suggestion.
What for? - You will get many synonyms and relevant words and phrases that are searched for by specific users. Besides, it’s a great source of targeted local keywords, as for different regions and countries there will be different results. Thus, you will get many different related queries to help website optimization. Besides, by clustering them into groups you will find new directions or expand existing ones.

4. To optimize for Google Voice
Artificial intelligence increases its influence as a personal helper, there are smart homes, a variety of life helpers and time optimizers. Voice search is an another progress trigger, because it allows to get necessary information while doing some tasks or when hands are full.
OK Google (Ok Google - voice command to launch Google Assistant) distinguishes well the spoken word and is being conquering more and more of adherents. Therefore, text optimization for voice calls is a new and important trend which is very likely to become the next mandatory trend, just like the mobile version of a site today. So, if you want your site to be ranked for voice search, you need to work on this task.
Recent research shows that most people tend to formulate queries in the form of questions. Where to find such search requests for optimizing Google search? Firstly, you can create them yourself: just think what users need, what they are interested in, how they will pose a question. But this is a painstaking and unreliable method, since you can skip a lot of interesting requests. It's easier to take ready-made Search Questions by K-meta using a question filter. Use these questions to make the site visible for voice query optimization.

The picture below shows the growing popularity of Google OK query in America.
Google Trends to find content ideas

5. To find pertinent ideas
Do not wait until inspiration hits you, it is better to draw ideas from a variety of open sources. And to achieve success with found ideas it is utmost to evaluate their relevance for people. You can look at Google Analytics to find out whether the topic and the number of related queries are growing or have high chances to ride the crest of a wave of success.
Or try Google Suggestions, because it contains the most diverse queries that users are looking for and helps to collect the most appropriate keywords. So it can be an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
In order to get such metrics as Monthly Search Volume and Trends for obtained keywords use Google Adwords.
To ease this procedure you can use our service - as it quickly collects lots of Suggestions for researches on any topic.
Thanks to a huge keyword database (more than 1 billion) for 30 countries, you will get important SEO Metrics for many of the found Suggestions immediately after the search is completed. Those keywords/Suggestions that do not have metrics in our keyword database can be updated - click on a magnifying glass and get metrics you need in about 5 minutes. It is possible to mark several keywords at once. You can view the received data either on the same page (they will automatically appear on it) or in your personal lists. If you have any questions on how this K-meta feature works - write to us!

6. To find low competition and long-tail keywords
The search for topical keywords is a task on creativity and originality of approach.
Low-frequency queries are very important in the process of attraction and collection of your target audience. Usually, they are topical and mostly consist of 3-4 words.
Long-tail keywords often include other more frequent queries. For example, when promoting a site with a search query "the best cheese for margarita" you can occupy good positions in search results for "cheese for margarita". Promotion with long-tail search queries ensures that you will appear in SERP(Search Engine Result Page) for dozens or even hundreds of keywords. The advantage of this approach is that even if one or several of keywords drop, it will not cause the significant loss of users.

7. To study the local business
To grow local business, online presence is crucial as it will attract more targeted and relevant local searches and customers. To increase the credibility of a site for customers you need to speak the "same language" as they do.
Google Search Suggestion is an ideal solution for finding geo-targeted keywords and tracking your potential users' interests. K-meta can help finding regional keywords as with it you can easily select the country and language you need to scrape tons of Autocomplete queries.

8. To create FAQs
With question-and-answer blocks you will not only add content to your site but also get that useful material which Search engines like Google love so much.
When posing questions for your FAQs you can use K-meta SE Suggestion Questions filter as an excellent source to scrape suggestions and get ready questions right away.
Google question Suggestion for FAQ

9. To create high-quality content
The content, in the first place, should be useful and sapid for users. It should be well shaped and structured, including valuable and informative materials. In order to stuff your article with interesting sections, you must conduct a deep study and get your personal approach to the topic. Get inspiration not only in Search Suggestions but also in your favourite blogs, add original pictures, jokes, share your impressions - try to collect as much useful content as possible. Mind: chase not the quantity but quality.

10. To Analyse the competitors
Google Suggestions may be of a great value while finding out what users are looking for along with a certain brand. Thus you will work on improvement of your product and your competitors’ outranking. The easiest way to find out by which queries the competitors are looked for is, again, the use of Google Suggestions.
Offer your product as an alternative, or tell your potential customers about your advantages.

11. To find LSI words
Using LSI words has become not just a recommendation, but a prerequisite to improve the ranking of a site. LSI words are not just synonyms, but words that are most relevant to the topic. The use of them will not only improve the ranking but also increase the attendance, attractiveness of a snippet and contribute to the process of exceeding the competitors in search results.
LSI words can be found with our feature Related keywords or with Google Suggestion. Use LSI words and your content will be more precise, client-targeted and synonymously related, which thus attract only targeted visitors and increase the time spent on the site.

Useless sites are left behind, the future is with useful and interesting content that will benefit and, accordingly, attract users. If your article/blog/store fully satisfies all user's needs and answers his questions, there are more chances that he/she will continue using your resource and recommend it to his friends without switching to competitors.

Enjoy K-meta keyword research tool and feel free to contact us! Contact us!

2018-07-16 12:42:06

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