SERP tracking API: expand your business capacities with us!

Pricing plans

SERP API for 10 million keywords All countries Single research Bulk research $999
Historical metrics API for 1 million keywords All countries Single research Bulk research $99

SERP API provides you with a possibility to receive SERP (Top 100 Google results) according to a certain keyword, country and language.

Our SERP API can empower with data any kind of seo-software: seo tools, seo databases, tracking KPIs, and many other analytical software.

All the data (incoming and outgoing) is in UTF-8 coding, any executed result comes as a JSON-encoded string.

Custom-tailored settings

To perfectly meet business expectations we deliver individual approach to each client and customize search settings personally for him.

Unbeatable Price

We offer top notch services at the best prices in the market.

Worldwide coverage

Because search results are not the same country by country we retrieve this information through local IP addresses as seen by local users.

Single Research * Bulk Research
Description Get TOP100 results in the HTML format for 1 keyword Get TOP100 results in the HTML format for a set of keywords
Priority High priority Regular queue
Countries All countries All countries
Quantity of keywords per request 1 1-10.000
Results per request 10, 100 results 10, 100 results
Runtime 20 seconds 30 minutes
* The quota for Single Research should not exceed 1%. For larger quotas please contact us.

If you are looking how to enhance your business with an easy to use service, providing accurate results from any location but without excess investments, our SERP API might be the solution you need.

Get huge volumes of search data at the best prices!

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