Keyword Research Tool

Find high-performing keywords to increase
your sales

Updated daily - Export data to CSV files - 90million keywords!

Find targeted, powerful information quickly and easily

Find the best keywords and phrases for on-page optimization

Identify the keywords and key phrases your competitors use

Use powerful data to improve your marketing and better allocate your budget

Quickly and accurately analyze your competition's website metrics

Create the perfect strategy with smart semantic keyword research

Enhance your web content using our detailed, informative reports

Optimize your contextual ad campaigns with high-performing keywords

Attract more web visitors by identifying low-competition, high-traffic keywords

Evaluate keyword effectiveness to fine-tune your SEO budget

Who uses K-meta?

SEO companies

K-meta stores terabytes of information, allowing you to analyze an unlimited number of your competitors.

SEO specialists

With K-meta, you can assemble an extensive list of semantic keywords in seconds. You can also find out which keywords your competitors are targeting with their marketing.

Site owners

Optimize your marketing budget by eliminating unprofitable or low-traffic keywords.

Our keyword selection service is in development.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve it, feel free to contact us! K-meta technical support can be reached at


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